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Transforming Congregations Program To Bring Homosexual Healing And Deliverance Message To World

From: TransCong@aol.com
Sent: Wednesday, August 29, 2001 2:02 PM
Subject: Need for Intercession

Dearest Sister & Brothers,

We are embarking on our first international trip, to the Northeast of Brazil, to offer what we have learned in the healing of relational & sexual brokenness as it relates to the issue of homosexuality. Our main goal is to educate the church how to love and be loved BETTER in the face of this controversy. From the inception until now, we feel that the Lord has orchestrated this trip and our team. The team consists of Jim Gentile, Bob Thomas and John Dancu. We have been together almost evey Friday morning for the last 4 years in the Men's Group that is led by Eric Gokcen and hosted by Craig Prickett. I believe that we are "living epistles" of how the church can love one who has struggled with this condition and become the healing community God has called us to be. Jim will be teaching the majority of the time. Bob will be giving his testimony of how God taught him to love the unlovely, despite his fears, etc. He will be teaching on the Father's Unconditional Love and ministering in song. John will be sharing his testimony of a man with a sensitive heart and teaching on the Blessing that so many of us have never received. Each of us will be ministering after the teachings to the participants whatever God brings up! (Salvation, Deliverance, Inner Healing, Baptism of the Holy Spirit) We covet your prayers as we are walking into a city where the majority of people practice a syncitized religion that combines Roman Catholicism with African witchcraft. We have been warned to have much prayer covering & many intercessors from the Brazilians who minister in the southern part of the country. We have been told by our hosts that no one ever comes to this city to minister like this, they always go to the south and they are crying out for this type of conference.

Below is our itinerary. The time difference is one hour ahead of our time. Thank you, in advance, for joining us in pushing back the gates of hell for our beloved sisters & brother in Brazil. Below the itinerary is what God has placed on my heart to pray for prior to this trip.

Travel Itinerary for Brazil Trip

August 30 - September 5, 2001

August 30 5:30 PM Leave Bucks County for Newark Thurs. 7:30 PM Arrive at Newark Airport 9:50 PM Depart for Sao Paulo, Continental # 31

August 31 8:45 AM Arrive in Sao Paulo, meet Wilton Remigio Fri. Spend morning in Sao Paulo 2:00 PM Depart for Salvador, Vaspa # 246 6:30 PM Arrive in Salvador 7:30 PM Conference begins, Jim teaching Bob & John prayer team (hear confessions) 10:00 PM Retire

September 1 8:30 AM Conference continues, Jim teaching Sat. Bob & John give testimony & teach All minister in prayer times 4:30 PM Conference closes for the day 7:30 PM Prayer time with Team (Jim , Bob & John)

September 2 8:30 AM Conference continues Sun Jim, Bob & John give blessings & prophetic words to attendees 12:00 PM Conference ends 1:00 PM Ministry with Pastors 5:00 PM Dinner & free time(?)

September 3 All day ministry to individual leaders Mon.

September 4 9:00AM Sightseeing Salvador Tues. 3:00 PM Depart Salvador, Vaspa # 5:30 PM Arrive in Sao Paulo 9:10 PM Depart Sao Paulo, Continental # 30

September 5 6:15 AM Arrive in Newark Wed. 8:15 AM Arrive in Bucks County

Prayer Requests - Brazil Trip

  1. Release of the Holy Spirit in us: wisdom, knowledge, discernment - all gifts operative - truth and love
  2. Release of the Holy Spirit during the conference - confession, repentance - Minds, hearts, and spirits would receive truth and love - Pastors - strugglers - family and friends - Church
  3. Redeem the time - Brief yet powerful
  4. Protect us - In all ways (warring Angels)
  5. Energize us - In all ways (ministering Angels)
  6. Provide 3 excellent interpreters
  7. Break the Power of darkness - Generational curses/bondage - Secret sin, addictions/ bondage - Fear and silence concerning sexual brokenness - Shame and bitterness Hopelessness and despair
  8. Finances - for Team and Conference
  9. Literature - Testimonies (English and Portuguese) - Books - Tapes
  10. Youth
  11. Pray for Luis Mott (most outspoken Brazilian Gay activist, lives in Salvador-)
  12. Governor of that state (Bahia) is into witchcraft
  13. Occult and witchcraft very strong, need much prayer covering! (high population from Africa - involvement in witchcraft)

Thank you so much dearly beloved!



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