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Bishop's Public Parady Of Falwell Deserves Apology In Light Of The Truth

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Date: Sunday, May 02, 1999 7:53 PM
Subject: From J. Rominger

Subject: UMC Bishop Criticizes Jerry Falwell For Reporting Teletubbie Character As Gay

Bishop Christopher makes a pretty broad assumption if she presumes Rev. Jerry Falwell outted Tinky-Winky. Perhaps she should have done a little research before publishing her article. At the very least she should return to her word processor, print the facts, and issue an apology for her parady of this issue which has served only to further perpetuate the lies and stereotyping of a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

On July 20, 1998, Time magazine, in an article on transsexuals, states that (and I quote) "in the past five years, several movies, plays, tabloid shows and famous cross-dressers like RuPaul have moved drag from the fringes of gay culture to prime time. Even Teletubbies, a show for toddlers, features Tinky Winky, a boy who carries a red patient-leather purse" (end quote).

Then on December 28, 1998, People magazine featured an article which stated "gay men have made the purse-toting Tinky Winky a camp icon."

The Washington Post pusblished an editorial on January 1, 1999 categorizing gay actress Ellen DeGeneres as "out" and "Tinky Wink, the gay teletubby".

It was in the February issue of the Liberty Journal in an article written by their senior editor (not Rev. Falwell) that parents were cautioned about monitoring their children's television viewing. The article was neither an attack nor an expression of a boycott, but simply a documentation of the facts already reported by the above mentioned publications.

But soon afterward David Reed an Associated Press reported in Roanoake, Virginia, jumped on the Beat Jerry Falwell Bandwagon -- deliberately misleading the public into believing Dr. Falwell was launching an attack on tiny winy Tinky Winky.

Bishop Christopher suggests that we all see "reality" from a different lenses and that "Intentional and disciplined growth in faith leads us Christians to decision-making from God's view. I pray we are serious about our growth. Our human family depends on it."

I wonder . . . when faced with the truth, even if it contradicted what she previously viewed through different lenses, would she pray-tell enlighten the rest of the human family with it?

I for one, appreciate the perception and documentation I have found often in the articles of the Liberty Journal. They have served me and my family well and I, as a member of the United Methodist Church, thank God for Jerry Falwell and the courage and grace he has exhibited time and time again when he has been falsely accused, stereotyped, and maligned by the press -- both secular and so-called Christian.

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