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"THIRD FRONT" UM Renewal Group Makes Debut - Invitation


Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,

You are hereby invited to join the THIRD FRONT, a group of Christian activists inspired by the Biblical and pastoral notion of doing or obeying the truth. We reject "academic orthodoxy" that may admit considerations other than revealed truth in ordering the life of the Church or society. We embrace that guidance rooted in sound doctrinal exposition, rather than the crass political "wisdom of serpents" which neglects the required "innocence of doves." As said Wesley, "Let these two so long divided be reunited, knowledge and vital piety." According to Wesleyan theological categories, such as the doctrine of prevenient grace, Christian faith has implications for American public life, which concerns we also seek boldly to address.

Our goal is to provide a simple way to examine complex issues, with the hope of bearing fruit in moral action on the part of participants. To join the group, first log on to There you will find the critical questions answering for the THIRD FRONT (draft document) along with necessary links at the bottom of the page.

Then, on the Ultimate Bulletin Board, you may register for discussion of pertinent issues. All information provided MUST be valid for legitimate participation. There you will find the topic BOARD ADMINISTRATION, which contains our welcome statement and key information for participants (posted as needed). This is a moderated board with seminal articles posted for discussion. Ruling principles will be civility, practicality and remaining on point.

Already in place are several "seminal articles" for your comment and developing discussion. Under the heading of SOTERIOLOGY is an outline for the discussion of Romans 3:21-26, the doctrine of justification. Under WESLEYAN THEOLOGY is Wesley's mature view of saving faith. In it, Wesley breaks the Reformed taboo against works righteousness and becomes a Protestant heretic before your very eyes! Then, under UNITED METHODIST RENEWAL ISSUES is my "Petition to Re-establish Doctrinal Standards," which exposes the great doctrinal fraud of 1972. More discussion topics are available or being prepared, including CHRISTOLOGY, PNEUMATOLOGY (featuring an article by Stephen Seamands of Asbury Seminary from John Warrener's Unofficial Confessing Movement Web site), ECCLESIOLOGY, ESCHATOLOGY (with a speech by Ben Sharpe from his OrthoVox site) and ECUMENICAL DIALOGUE (in progress). There will be topics related to SOCIAL ISSUES, and one category dedicated to practical ministry concerns, called CHURCH ORDER, MINISTRY AND DISCIPLINE (containing the ambitious ministry philosophy we have adopted at Amboy United Methodist Church, North Little Rock, Arkansas -- it is very interesting).

One link provides for general e-mail discussion of any issue. Nevertheless, the same rules of civility and practicality will apply.

I want to thank Joe McManus for his partnership, for sponsoring this site and for his technical expertise. Being a student at Austin Presbyterian Seminary, preparing for United Methodist ministry, Joe has agreed to moderate the theological discussions. Being in pastoral ministry in the United Methodist Church, I will handle the others with as much grace as I may have. Let us all pray for one another -- a very selfish prayer for more grace!

These are challenging times. I have been involved in Methodist "renewal" efforts for 25 years. THIRD FRONT is NOT another reactionary and self-serving "renewal" effort. This is an experiment in spiritual formation and personal discipleship that seeks to transcend in scope and content narrow parochial interest. I contend that the Holy Spirit desires doctrinal renewal in the body of Christ, leading to a fresh sense of sanctifying grace and redemptive purpose in these difficult times. Securing the promise that "where sin abounds, grace does much more abound," I pray the Lord's Spirit will guide you to participate with us.

Yours in Him,

Michael D. Hinton, M.Div. <>
Pastor Amboy United Methodist Church
120 Utah Drive North
Little Rock, AR 72118
Ph. (501) 753-0371

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