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68 Year Old Texas UM Pastor Arrested For Soliciting Homosex From 21 year old, Bishop To Investigate

Excerpt: Pastor faces inquiry by his bishop

EULESS - EULESS -- Methodist church officials will conduct an investigation in the next few days to determine any disciplinary action against a local pastor accused of public lewdness.

Bishop Ben Chamness, said he would investigate the accusation against the Rev. James L. Finley, senior pastor of First United Methodist Church of Euless.
Finley, 68, was arrested Thursday afternoon in north Euless just hours after police say he molested a 21-year-old man and was later recorded offering to perform more sex acts on him. He was released Thursday evening from the Euless City Jail after posting $1,000 bail.

While at the police station, investigators asked the man to telephone the pastor and ask him about what he had done, authorities said. In a brief recorded conversation, the pastor offered to perform more sex acts on the Euless man, police said.

Police arrested Finley on Thursday afternoon just a few blocks from the Euless man's apartment.
A conviction [public lewdness] does not mean he would have to register as a sex offender, Tarrant County authorities said.

Source: Star-Telegram 12-03-2005 Pastor faces inquiry by his bishop

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