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Conservative Voice Dominates Texas Annual Conference

We have survived. It took 34 ballots to elect the clergy delegation, but we finally finished.

The Confessing Movement was well organized (to the great surprise and chagrin of the normal Powers), though we have much to learn and did make mistakes.

We mobilized both clergy and laity, publishing lists to help people know those who identify themselves as supporters of the UM doctrinal positions. Only a small number of the people we supported identify themselves with the CM, though they may have unstated sympathies with the movement. About 3/4 of the clergy delegation to GC are folks supported by the CM. The lay delegation was nearly 100%.

This is only the first step. There is much acrimony following conference. Some have been used to having their way year after year. They did not have it this year. We know what it is to have our vision for the church thwarted, so we understand where they are coming from.

Be in prayer for Bishop Woodrow Hearn. He had heart valve replacement early in the year; lost a sister in the Spring, and discovered yesterday morning (last day of Conf.) that his brother had died in the night.

Richard Heyduck

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