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13 Southwest Texas Pastors Covenant for Renewal

Dear Unofficial Confessing Movement,

...Recently, a group of 13 faithful pastors gathered in San Antonio to discuss the spiritual issues of ministerial and doctrinal accountability surrounding the Jimmy Creech Case. We covenanted that day to begin to take action to bring new life to United Methodism, but that this ultimately would be a work of the Holy Spirit.

We want to invite others to join in what we are calling "The Great Intercession" by participating in the two basic elements of our covenant:

  1. A Covenant to Be a Great Intecessor for the UMC, its ministries, its churches, and its leaders
  2. Organization of Revival Worship Gatherings in Every District of our Annual Conference this year.

We hope this concept will spread to the whole UMC.

We are hoping you can post something on your UNOFFICIAL CONFESSING MOVEMENT page regarding this.


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