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UM Asks: "Where's The Beef In Social Agency Compassion For Oppressed Christians In Sudan?"

From: Charles East <ceast99@earthlink.net>
To: Jim Winkler <gbcs@umc-gbcs.org
Sent: April 27, 2001 2:27:39 AM GMT
Subject: UMC Outreach to the Starving in Sudan

Dear Secretary Winkler:

Referring to the current holocaust in Sudan, Secretary of State Colin Powell recently remarked, "There is perhaps no greater tragedy on earth today". Currently, three million Sudanese are facing starvation.

Immediate humanitarian relief is needed to confront this anti-Christian genocidal campaign by Sudan's National Islamic Front government that has resulted in two million deaths and thousands of Christians being sold into slavery.

As General Secretary of the Board of Church and Society, you have an outstanding opportunity to use your influence toward marshaling the vast financial resources of the UMC and bring relief to our Christian brothers and sisters in the Sudan. If the GBCS is truly "socially concerned", this situation should be a top priority for your agency.

With $20 million in assets, the GBCS could certainly play an important role in reaching out to these suffering souls. The General Board of Global Ministries should be able to direct some of it's $400 million in assets toward this endeavor. With over $100 million in assets, the UMW should also be invited to lend a hand. After all, they don't have a single Gospel mission outreach!

In reviewing the agenda of the GBCS for the past year, I am compelled to seriously question where your agency places it's priorities. Denouncing sanctions against Iraq, claiming ongoing U.S. "Colonialism" in Hawaii, endorsing the reinstatement of funding for overseas abortions, affirming the practice of homosexuality, bashing President Bush's much needed tax relief package and chastising the Cleveland Indians for their team mascot "Chief Wahoo" strikes me as not only being shallow but also devoid of any scriptural justification.

Secretary Winkler, the plight of the Sudanese Christians begs for attention. This is an opportunity for the GBCS to do something substantive. How will you and your agency respond?

In His service,

Charles R. East 
Houston, Texas

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