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South Georgia Bishop Offers Insipid Response To Colleagues Heresy

Bishop Michael Watson (South Georgia) from column in the Wesleyan Christian Advocate

"This renewal leave has given me the opportunity to reflect on some of the beliefs I hold dear to my heart. The historic doctrines of the Christian faith are among those beliefs. I am aware there are those who dissent against the historic doctrines of the church. These dissenters are both lay and clergy, including bishops. I respect those who struggle to be faithful to God and to be honest with themselves. I want to do the same; as for me, I give my assent to the Articles of Religion of The Methodist Church and the Confession of Faith of the Evangelical United Brethren Church as found in our United Methodist doctrinal standards. As a bishop, I feel called to uphold these doctrinal standards and to teach and preach them. I do so gladly, and I ask all of our laity and clergy to uphold them. However when you hear of those who dissent, no matter what office they may hold, I ask you to remember that only the General Conference speaks for the United Methodist Church. These beliefs are clearly stated in The Book of Discipline." (Wesleyan Christian Advocate, Oct 18, 2002)

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