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Heretical UM Bishop Baffled Faithful UM's Not As Anti-Christ As Himself!

Bishop Sprague Assails “Christo-Centric Exclusivism”

by UMAction Briefing - August 2003

There he goes again!

Bishop C. Joseph Sprague of Chicago, speaking at a United Methodist seminary, assailed “Christo-centric exclusivism that ipso facto prepares the soil of stiff-necked, exclusivistic arrogance.” This kind of Christ-centered theology must be disavowed, he insisted.

Sprague has repeatedly denied Jesus Christ’s virgin birth, bodily resurrection, miracles, and unique role as Savior of the world. In speeches April 22 and 23 at the Methodist Theological School in Ohio (Methesco), Sprague defended his theology as stated in his recent book, Affirmations of a Dissenter.

Sprague said he was “incredulous” that seminary faculty and other “well-informed clergy and laity” still “passionately advocate a virgin birth and physically resurrected” Jesus.

Sprague said it was “baffling” that some “sophisticated so-called post-modernists” insist on an “intervening, supernatural, can-do-anything- God” that was conceived by the early church.

“Why do the time-influenced constructs of the early church fathers hold such awe and reverence for them, given the oblique and rather slippery language employed?” Sprague asked.

Sprague went on with a long list of condemnations: United Methodist renewal and reform groups; President Bush, a “Christology-from-above proponent of personal piety;” United States “arrogance;” the war with Iraq; and United Methodism’s “arrogant and unethical statements regarding gay and lesbian people.” He apparently was referring to the church’s stand that homosexual behavior is not compatible with Christian teaching and the church’s prohibition of ordaining homosexual clergy and celebrating same-sex unions.

Sprague did not attempt to reconcile his beliefs with Jesus Christ’s words in John 14:6: “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

In a 2002 speech, Sprague rejected John’s Gospel and said “Jesus simply did not preach, teach, or describe himself as John suggests.”


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