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Bishop Sprague's Heresy Leads Faithful UM's Out

The Methodist Church.com - A message from Donald E. Wildmon
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June 25, 2003 

"After almost 20 years in the UMC, I threw in the towel..."

Dear Don Wildmon,

After almost 20 years in the UMC, I threw in the towel about 6 months ago and now am a member of Johnson Ferry Baptist in Atlanta. Our new pastor Bryant Wright preaches the Word and every sermon is relevant to our lives as Christians. He doesn't avoid unpopular issues.

Your webpage had much to do with my decision to leave ______ UMC in _____, Ga. Our church was apparently becoming a training ground for lesbian ministers as our last two student ministers were lesbians. Also for some reason the church leaned towards the Palestinian cause and our assistant minister told me he thought Allah was the same god as our Christian God. We actually had a couple of muslims come to our church to answer questions on Islam and the Middle East situation and sell us Christian artifacts. Our Sunday School class had been studying Islam and our questions of the Muslims apparently didn't go over well with the minister and several members of our church. Our church seemed to take the "all roads lead to heaven" approach to other religions.

Reading all the Bishop Sprague info. on your website was the final straw. I had to leave as I was upset all the time and dreaded going to church. I talked to my assistant pastor about my concerns and he suggested I find another church as things would not be changing. I finally stopped attending church and told my wife that in good conscience I could no longer attend any UMC function.

My wife later followed me to Johnson Ferry and we both couldn't be happier.

Thanks for all your good information and I hope and pray you can make a difference and keep John Wesley from turning over in his grave.

Signed ____________

As you know, this is not an isolated situation. We were forwarded this link to the Pastor's page of Saint Matthew's United Methodist Church in Acton, Massachusetts.


Are you concerned about the direction which many in our United Methodist Church want to take our denomination? Do you want to be involved in trying to do something about it? Then REGISTER HERE. Also, forward this email to other concerned United Methodists and urge them to register as well. 

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