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Northern Illinois Methodists Say "No Apportionment Money" For Disobedient Denomination

June 10, 2003 ó Wedron United Methodist Church NIC submits letter of concern to NIC Leadership
The following letter was submitted to NICVoice.org with a request to post it for public viewing. The authors of the letter below first mailed the letter to Bishop Sprague, their District Superintendent, and every church in the DeKalb District of the Northern Illinois Conference on June 12, 2003. In accordance with the stated purpose of NIC Voice to inform the laity, the following is posted:

On Church Letterhead:
Wedron United Methodist Church
Box 27
Wedron, Illinois 60557
(815) 434-2255

June 10, 2003

DeKalb District Office
Rev. David Carlisle
633 W. Locust Street
DeKalb, IL 60115-3015

Dear Pastor Carlisle,

Let us begin by conveying our gratitude for your support and prayers over the past years in your tenure as district superintendent. You have always been there for us, we appreciate you and pray the Lordís blessing on you.

Now on to the intent and reason of this letter. The Administrative Council and the congregation of The United Methodist Church at Wedron, Illinois have voted on and passed a statement with regard to the paying of apportionmentís, in part or whole to the NIC. The statement reads as follows:

We the people of the United Methodist Church in Wedron, Illinois, finding it no longer possible to agree with and therefore follow the leadership of the NIC regarding their interpretation of the gospel of Jesus Christ have decided to withhold apportionments at this time.

Please understand that this is a statement that reflects the concerns we as the body of Christ at Wedron have over the recent interpretations, translations and theological rhetoric that Bishop Sprague has chosen to expound. We cannot agree with his outlandish interpretation of the key components of the gospel of Jesus Christ. There are certain truths which cannot be denied. Paul said to Timothy, "For there is one God, and mediator also between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, who gave Himself as a ransom for all." (2nd Timothy 2:5, 6). According to this scripture there is only one way to God, and that is through His Son.

We believe the gospel is able and will defend itself; therefore we will not number and list all of the scripture interpretations we cannot agree with as presented by Bishop Sprague. We have chosen to take this stand, not as a way of punishing the conference, but as a way of taking a stand. We strive to be good stewards of Godís provisions and cannot with clear conscious support leadership that has such differing beliefs.

We know full well this decision may carry some ramifications; however we stand firmly united in our decision. We also realize that we alone do not have all of the truth; however we are striving to learn to be accountable for that which we have believed.

In His Service Together,

Administrative Council Chairman, Charles Garzanelli
Pastor Parish Chairman, Karen Michelini

Cc: Bishop Joseph Sprague


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