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"A Teaspoon Of Water Being Used To Put Out A Fire In A Barn Full Of Hay"

by Johnny Bell

SE Regional Lay Leaders Squeak Protest Against Sprague Heresy By Complimenting Other Bishops
Johnny Bell johnny.bell@centurytel.com

I don't know which I abhor more, the United Nations in offering resolution after resolution (concerning Saddam Hussein and his tyrannical behavior) which might as well be placed in a satellite to the milky way or resolutions such as this one from the Southeast Jurisdiction Association of Annual Conference Lay Leaders which will most certainly have the affect of a teaspoon of water being used to put out a fire in a barn full of hay.

I am quite sure this resolution will find its way to the Book of Resolutions in 2004, a book that 99% of United Methodists have probably never laid eyes upon. Upon my first glance at this book several years ago, I came away thinking that the UMC was endeavoring to be a political party instead of a mainline denomination for the Church, the bride of Jesus Christ.

This resolution is just another indication that the laity are at the bottom of the food chain in the UMC today. Is it any wonder that this once proud denomination continues it decline? Forgive my cynicism, but the degree of deception, denial, and indifference is such today in the ivory towers of the UMC that one sometimes cannot contain the disgust.

But alas, I have left the UMC and can find solace in knowing there are other denominations that do regard the WORD of GOD with the utmost reverence.

Editor's note:  It seems it is better to offend God than another United Methodist.


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