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Dear Pastor, The UMC Is In Danger Of Becoming Irrelevant

From: ceast99@earthlink.net
To: ucmpage@ucmpage.org
Sent: Monday, February 24, 2003 9:41 PM
Subject: Letter to My Pastor

Dear Bert,

There is hardly a week that goes by that there isn't a news report of a leader in our church going off on a tangent --- our Bishops appeasing Saddam; Bishop Sprague denying the virgin birth and the resurrection; Bishop Talbert featured in a NCC 30- second anti-war TV commercial that most networks have refused to run; approval of a self-avowed practicing lesbian to be given a pastorate; the Women's Division ongoing advocacy of pro-choice; and Jim Winkler's support of same sex marriage.

If church leaders are going to use their exalted positions as a bloody pulpit, don't they have an obligation to the members of our church to express a viewpoint that is in harmony with the gospel and consistent with the teachings of the church?

Today, we don't hear much about sin. Has sin become so common-place in our secular society that the church is now willing to just ignore it? Has the UMC adopted a mantra of "just go along to get along"? Is the repression from our Bishops so blatant that our clergy is afraid to speak out in dissent?

If you sense my frustration, you are correct. I don't think I'm alone—just more vocal in my discontent. I want to be proud of those who lead our denomination. But that won't happen until the UMC is led by godly men who demonstrate the wisdom and courage to hold their colleagues accountable for their actions as representatives of our church. Unless this leadership emerges, the UMC will not be able to speak with the moral authority required for survival.

It is my prayer that we will see the seeds of positive change take root and grow into fruition. Hopefully, our denomination will not become the United Unitarian Methodist Church.

In his service,


Charles East
Holy Covenant UMC
Katy, Texas


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