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Bishop Cleared Of Heresy For Fourth Time

 By Teresa
Mask Daily Herald Staff Writer
Posted on February 18, 2003

He doesn't believe Jesus was born of a virgin and resurrected from the dead, or that homosexuals should be banned from clergy or not allowed to marry.

It is for his stance on these issues and others that Bishop C. Joseph Sprague has been called a heretic and asked to resign year after year by some members of the United Methodist Church.

The claims were filed last December by a group upset by comments he made about Jesus Christ's divinity at a conference and in his book, "Affirmations of A Dissenter." It was the fourth time Sprague was charged with heresy.

On Monday, a church team assigned to investigate the latest heresy claims again dismissed the charges, saying they believe Sprague has been obedient to the teachings of Jesus Christ.



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