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UM Bishop Sprague's Henchmen Conduct Spanish Inquisition in Northern Illinois Resulting in Punitive Appointments

In reference to UM BISHOP JOSEPH SPRAGUE controversy;

I am from Chicago, Illinois. My parents were illegal Mexican immigrants who came to the United States for a better life more than 70 years ago. Since that time we have attended a Methodist church.

But from what I have seen and heard I believe I will just stay home and no longer attend church.

The superintendents and other church officials in our area held meetings with various Hispanic pastors of our district about a year ago. One of the questions put to these pastors was "would you vote for a homosexual to be ordained as a pastor?"

One of the female Mexican pastors in attendance voted no. This pastor was given such a difficult time at her church that she eventually left and went back to pastor in Mexico.

My pastor explained that according to what the Bible said he also had to vote "no." Since that meeting our pastor was told he no longer would be at our church and he no longer would receive his salary from the conference.

After reading of the Bishop Sprague controversy...how in the world is this man allowed to continue in his position?

I see why the bishop would like to get rid of pastors who believe in and teach what the Bible has to say.

Maria Theresa Ramos de Moreno

Source: The Institute on Religion and Democracy Letters to the Editor - February 2003


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