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UM Pastor/Leader Calls All Churches To Withhold Payments To Bishop's Salary Fund For Failure To Uphold Church Law

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Dear John,

Print out and reproduce this sheet and distribute to the members of your local United Methodist Church.

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Donald E. Wildmon

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A message from Donald E. Wildmon, an elder in the Mississippi Conference

Pass Along Sheet
Reproduce this sheet and distribute it to members of your United Methodist Church.



        A four person committee, headed by Bishop Bruce R. Ough, has determined that the views of UM Bishop Joseph Sprague are acceptable and that he should not face a church trial. The committee, composed of Bishop Ough, Bishop Linda Lee of Michigan and two other unidentified persons, issued their findings on February 17.

        Here are the beliefs of Bishop Sprague which the committee found acceptable:
        (1) The belief that Jesus is not the only way to salvation. Bishop Sprague called such a belief "an arrogant claim." Of course, Bishop Sprague's refusal to accept faith in Christ as the only way to salvation makes Jesus into a fool. If there are other ways to salvation, then the death of Jesus was totally unnecessary. The death of Christ for the forgiveness of sins of those who believe in Him is, according to Bishop Sprague, "superstition at best" and idolatry at worst.
        (2) The belief that Jesus was not born of a virgin.
        (3) The belief that Jesus did not physically rise from the dead.
        (4) The belief that Jesus was not born the Christ. Bishop Sprague says that Jesus became the Christ by "the confluence of grace with faith."

        When ordained a UM minister, Sprague answered yes to the following questions: "Have you studied the doctrines of the United Methodist Church? After full examination, do you believe that our doctrines are in harmony with the Holy Scriptures? Will you preach and maintain them?" He reaffirmed these when he was ordained a bishop. In addition, he asks those same questions of ministers he ordains into the UM ministry.


        First, pray for Bishop Sprague and the other bishops, and the United Methodist Church.

        Next, you and your church can withhold your gifts to the Episcopal Fund and/or designate them to a specific alternative. Bishops are elected for life and their salaries are paid from the Episcopal Fund for as long as they live. Bishop Sprague, for instance, will continue to be paid from the Episcopal Fund. The Episcopal Fund is funded with gifts from local members through their Conference Apportionments.

        Finally, work to get theologically sound delegates elected to General Conference and Jurisdictional Conference at the 2003 sessions of Annual Conference. Bishops are elected by the Jurisdictional Conference while the General Conference sets the direction of the entire church.

        For more information concerning this and other issues, visit the Internet site:




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