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Dismissal of heresy charge called 'dysfunction'

Dismissal of heresy charge called 'dysfunction'
Larry Witham
Published February 20, 2003

United Methodists who filed a heresy charge against a liberal bishop in Chicago said this week's dismissal of the charge shows a "dysfunction" in church accountability but can stir healthy debate about historic beliefs.

"What is dysfunctional is that we even have to make complaints," said the Rev. Thomas Lambrecht, who led a group charge against Bishop C. Joseph Sprague for doubting the virgin birth, divinity and bodily resurrection of Jesus.

On Tuesday, a panel of bishops for the North Central Jurisdiction of the church said Bishop Sprague did not break clerical vows "to guard, transmit, teach and proclaim corporately and individually the apostolic faith."

Source: Dismissal of heresy charge called 'dysfunction' -- The Washington Times


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