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South East Jurisdiction UM's: Disposition Of Sprague Charges Will Say Allot

SEJEF and other friends.

A friend here in S. Georgia sent this in response to my forwarding out the message about the charges having been filed against Bishop Sprague. I think it is an excellent idea for Bishop Ough to know that people across the country and are concerned about these charges. It would be wonderful is he received scores or even hundreds of thoughtfully written letters--letters that are loving but firm, letters that people have taken the time to write because they love their Lord and their church. I hope huge numbers of you will take the time to word your own letter, but make the same points made in the letter below. It would require some quick work, but perhaps even S.S. classes or Admin. Boards might want to send a letter.

Those of you from outside the Southeastern Jurisdiction who receive this might want to forward it to your mailing lists as well, so that letters come from all over the country.

Send your letter to:
Bishop Bruce R. Ough
32 Wesley Boulevard
Worthington, OH 43085-3585
Nationwide Toll Free Phone: 800/437-0028
Phone: 614/844-6200
FAX: 614/781.2625
Email: Bishop@wocumc.org

If the Bishop simply tosses the complaint in the waste basket, at least he will know that tons of folks watched him do it with heavy hearts.


Helen Rhea Stumbo

P.S. Apologies to those of you who receive this twice--I know that some of you are on two different lists that I'm using.

From: vanmath1
To: bishop@wocumc.org
Sent: Saturday, February 01, 2003 12:57 AM
Subject: Bishop Sprague

Dear Bishop,

You have had thrust upon you a difficult decision with which you, no doubt, must wrestle, enabled by much prayer. I am praying for you.

The charges against Bishop Sprague are very serious, come from a rather geographically diverse group of United Methodists, and merit prayerful and profound consideration.

The charges could simply be unilaterally dismissed, of course, an action that might create even more tension and unrest at the grassroots of the church. If the issue, however, should be allowed to go to trial and the legal process to run its course, the end result, whichever way it might go, could somehow, I suspect, be more acceptable to those who oppose the views of Bishop Sprague.

You merit the prayers of your fellow-United Methodists as you struggle with a difficult decision.


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