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UM Good News Leader Compares UM Bishops' Support Of Heretics To Those Who Crucified Christ

From: James V. Heidinger II
To: Chet Harris (E-mail)
Sent: Monday, March 25, 2002 3:12 PM
Subject: FW: article from tooley

Dear Board Member:

Am forwarding to you the write-up by Mark Tooley and Chris Regner about the pro-gay conference in Wisconsin that had as speakers Bishop John Spong, Bishop Judith Craig (retired), Bishop Sharon Zimmerman Rader, and Rev. Larry Pickens (a member of the Judicial Council). Also, Bishop Spong was in Charlotte over the weekend to speak four times in the Dilworth UM Church. Other UM pastors in the area were quite disturbed about Spong's coming, as were board members Lenny Stadler (Weddington) and Lews Fowler in (Asheboro). Spong was to get $3,000 for speaking four times. We'll be sending you info about that, but Spong is on the UM circuit, it seems. My question is, should UM bishops be supporting him? And should a Judicial Council member be a speaker at an event that is advocating a position contrary to church law. And, of course, the same must be asked about our bishops. The answer is obvious.

There is a "Kairos CoMotion_rebel/html" web site you might want to check. All of the addresses of the speakers on on it, I believe.

I hope you have a wonderful Holy Week. This morning I was reading about the arrest of Jesus, when he was taken to Annas and then Caiaphas. They then took him to Pilate. He said, "Try him by your own law." They said, "We can't put a person to death." They weren't interested in trying him, but in getting rid of him. But then it says, "They didn't enter Pilate's court because they didn't want to make themselves ceremonially unclean." Talk about a major disconnect! They were trying to dispose of Jesus by any means they could, while at the same time making sure they were following their ceremonial laws. They were manipulating process and using raw power, but also wanting to sound and remain outwardly pious. This sounds a bit familiar, doesn't it. Folks who will bulldoze their way past the Discipline and its teaching and stance on human sexuality, but will bend over backwards to fulfill the law of "inclusiveness" and being politically correct.



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