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UM Southern Methodist University/Seminary Goes Gay! Nebraska Bishop Will Not Discipline

Thursday March 1 10:02 AM ET
School To Offer Same-Sex Benefits (excerpt)
  • DALLAS (AP) - Southern Methodist University next year will begin offering medical benefits and reduced tuition to same-sex partners of employees.

  • The Faculty Senate last month unanimously approved the recommendation by members of the University Benefits Council.

  • ``Not only is this important for certain people, but it sends a message that this is a place that's inclusive,'' said Patricia Davis, Faculty Senate president

  • Emory University in Atlanta, which is also affiliated with the United Methodist Church, has a similar policy...

  • The Methodist church voted overwhelmingly last year to maintain its policy against gay commitment ceremonies. The church also mandated discipline for ministers performing any such ceremonies.

    This week, however, the bishop of the Nebraska United Methodist Church said an Omaha minister who said he had performed a covenant ceremony for two men will not face a church trial.

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