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Re-imagined Goddess Worship And Eco-theology Characterize Speakers At UM Center

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Sent: Wednesday, January 12, 2000 2:27 PM
Subject: The Simpsonwood engagement....."balance"


When I learned that Miriam Therese Winter was going to speak at the United Methodist sponsored Simpsonwood Retreat Center in Atlanta, I wrote to the founder and president (Dennis Dewey) of the "storytelling" group that Ms. Winter will be representing. I wanted to register my concern with him.....

Mr. Dewey wrote back to me explaining that his group, "Network of Biblical Storytellers" (NOBS), liked to present the Bible from "....a broad spectrum of theological viewpoints from the conservative to the avante garde." He went on to say that Ms. Winter would share the platform at Simpsonwood with David Michael Rhoads. Mr. Dewey explained that, "We try to bring some balance to the program in terms of diversity of perspective, male/female, racial/ethnic and so on. I expect that Miriam will give a good bounce on the see-saw with David Rhoads."

I took Mr. Dewey's statement to mean that David Rhoads' theological perspective would somehow 'balance out' Ms. Winter's "avante garde", neo-pagan/wiccan heresies. I naively supposed that Mr. Rhoads represented at least a moderately evangelical, orthodox Biblical perspective. Unfortunately, this does not appear to be the case. I found a thumbnail biographical sketch of Mr. Rhoads' interests......

"[David Rhoads]...is an enthusiastic environmentalist...an advisor of [the] Green Zone commitee at LSTC [Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago]...has planned eco-conferences...helped initiate a new on-line environmentalist service for congregations called "The Web of Creation".....

I didn't spot any mention of Christ in the brief bio.

Mr. Dewey spoke of "balance", but I'm afraid the entire "see-saw" that Mr. Dewey referred to and upon which Ms. Winter and Mr. Rhoads will be sitting is, apparently, so far out in the theological left-field, nickel bleacher seats that one would need a telescope to detect even the tiniest glimmer of the light of Christian orthodoxy or truth. Somehow I don't think re-imagined, eco-goddess yarns about the "interconnected web of all existence" would be considered theologically "balanced" by many Christians. It seems this particular balanced see-saw of 'storytelling' is tucked far away in the dark woods of spiritual delusion and deception...(next to the 'monkey-bars', do you think?).....Nature worship with a few Bible words thrown in...for "balance". Is this what happens to reason after playing in the dark for so long....? The poisoned seed of "higher criticism" is now in full blossom. It's fragrance is one of doubt and compromise. And its coming fruit,... spiritual death...., is not going to be pretty.... Dear Lord, forgive us.


"...If you don't know the true God, you must sooner or later find some false God to worship. To be human is to worship. The alternative to theism is not atheism, but idolatry." --Peter Kreeft

"We have met the enemy and he is us"--Pogo.

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