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Sophia Goddess Worship Leader to Re-Imagine God Again At United Methodist Center In Atlanta

Sent: Saturday, January 01, 2000 2:17 PM
Subject: Miriam Therese Winter coming to Simpsonwood

She's Baaaaaack!

Miriam Therese Winter, faculty member at the "Sophia Center" in Oakland, California and author of the infamous "goddess" liturgies to Ashtar, Ochun, Diana, etc. will be one of two keynote speakers at Simpsonwood (United Methodist Retreat Center) in Atlanta on August 5, 2000. (The other speaker is David Rhoads)

The program is entitled "Parables of the Reign of God: Stories for the New Millenium". Ms. Winter is speaking as part of "NOBS" (Network of Biblical Storytellers").

If anyone would like to sign up or write and thank Simpsonwood for their openmindedness and tolerance in bringing Ms. Winter to Atlanta once again...(remember she addressed 800 UM clergywomen in 1995), you may do so by accessing the appropriate information at:

"Surely there must be a way of looking at all of the creation of humanity without having the notion of being conceived in sin....women need to go back to that Garden and come out in a different way, come out without all that guilt." —Miriam Therese Winter 4/16/97

"I'm pushing us to imagine and re-imagine the word of God beyond and above the words of God....I'm trying to tap back to those traditions that existed behind the written tradition....." —Miriam Therese Winter

In her book, "The Chronicles of Noah and Her Sisters: Genesis and Exodus According to Women", 1995), storyteller Winter spins this yarn:

""S/He created humankind/female and male S/He created us...Sophia/Wisdom has built a house. S/He has set a table, saying: 'Eat, drink, celebrate life,/and cherish Our creation."

Miriam Therese Winter proceeds to portray Eve as a wanton nymph who "ran with the wolves" and talked to serpents and snakes". She also danced a circle dance* among the trees, particularly the apple tree, and did rituals with her daughters that were "frightening" to Adam (pp. 35-37).

* (I guess wiccan ritual was just as disturbing to Adam as it ought to be to us!)

As one reviewer of Ms. Winter's treatise puts it:

"Adam was clearly dysfunctional. 'Adam knew his world was slipping away, for he could no longer control it.' Adam is portrayed as morose and guilt-ridden, while Eve was happy, lively and well-adjusted (pp. 38-39) Then Eve gives her daughters several treasures: a small clay figurine made from the mud of the Garden, and an asherah, a branch from the Tree of Life in the Garden. They are obviosly considered sacred. She also tells her daughters, "Cherish earth. Stay close to all living things."(p. 39)

(Dear Lord, forgive us.....)


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