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Southeastern Jurisdiction
Evangelical Forum

September 1 & 2, 1998
Simpsonwood Convention Center
North of Atlanta

Allan and Senie Burns (e-mail:

"Allan and Senie Burns are helping to organize evangelicals in the Southeastern Jurisdiction in preparation for the 2000 General Conference in Cleveland. During the first half of 1998 they have been visiting renewal groups and evangelical leaders in each of the conferences of the Southeastern Jurisdiction to discuss issues before us. Information and resource materials have been provided as background for developing any petitions, proposals, or position statements felt desirable. Guidance is now being provided for electing delegates to the 2000 General Conference. In this effort, Good News is serving as a resource organization.

As a result of these meetings with evangelicals across the Southeastern Jurisdiction, there has been a general consensus that there would be great value in gathering for worship and prayer, fellowship, networking, and mutual support, as well as directing attention to issues of mutual concern, some of which relate to the 2000 General Conference.

Meeting Outline and Scope:

The meeting will start on Tuesday, September 1st after lunch, and will continue until noon on Wednesday, September 2nd.

Tuesday, September 1st:

12:00 P.M.- Lunch at Simpsonwood

1:00 - Opening Allan Burns

1:15 - Prayer and Devotions Joe Peabody FUMC, Norcross, GA

1:45 - State of the conference Spokesperson from each annual conference within the SE Jurisdiction

2:45 - Status in other areas Representatives from other conferences

3:00 - Break

3:15 - Presentation from each of the following organizations:

  • Good News - Jim Heidinger
  • Confessing Movement - Pat Miller
  • Mission Society for UMs - Al Vom Steeg
  • RENEW Faye Short
  • IRD / UMAction Mark Tooley
  • Concerned Methodists Allen Morris

The questions which will be addresses are:

From the perspective of your organization:

  1. What are the key issues facing United Methodism today?
  2. What is your position on these issues?
  3. What actions are you taking or planning in response to these issues?

There will be opportunity for discussion following each presentation.

5:00 P.M. - Q & A with a panel of the speakers

6:00 - Dinner

7:15 Worship Joe Peabody

Keynote presentation Bill Hinson FUMC, Houston, TX

Wednesday, September 2nd:

7:30 A.M. - Breakfast

8:30 - Prayer and Devotions Joe Peabody

9:00 - Presentation of key issues, strategies, action plans - Scott Field, Good News Board

9:30 - Small Groups What can we in the SEJ do to make a difference? What actions should we take, and when?

10:00 - Break

10:15 - Small group feedback

11:00 Northeastern Jurisdiction Evangelical Connection - Karen Booth - How they have organized NEJEC Convener - What they have done - Their plans for the future

11:15 Southeastern Jurisdiction Evangelical Forum Allan Burns - Actions steps? - Reconvene at some point? - Regularly scheduled gatherings? - Who will take responsibility?

11:45 Summary Allan Burns

12:00 Communion Joe Peabody

12:30 Lunch and departure


The rates below include room and 3 meals, plus 2 coffee breaks. An additional lunch (upon arrival or departure) costs $8.00.

Number in room Cost per person Roommate Preference(s)

1-$63.00_________________ 2-51.00 _________________

3-42.00 _________________ 4-37.00 _________________

Commuter $15.00

Please inform your contact person by phone, e-mail, or by mailing this form (can be printed from e-mail), of your intention to attend, the type of accommodation you desire, or if you will be commuting (assume that your contact person is Allan Burns). If you wish to room with a particular person, please provide that information as well.

A map and directions will be sent to you with your registration confirmation.

Payment can be made on site.

Those wishing to attend should get their reservations in as soon as possible, because of the close proximity of the date.

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