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New SEJ Bishop Gets Nod From Conservative Good News

From: Bob Rempfer Bob@goodnewsmag.org
Sent: Wednesday, February 28, 2001 4:54 PM 
Subject: E-Mail update from Good News

Dear Friend:

The report is out from the SEJ Special Called session to elect a new bishop. The Rev. Timothy Whitaker, District Superintendent of the Norfolk (VA) District, was elected on the 15th ballot. I have heard from two sources, one being a Good News board member, that Timothy Whitaker is solid theologically and will be a good bishop. He did speak out at the 2000 General Conference during the debate on homosexuality, speaking in support of the Scriptural position. He was a strong contender last summer, but had not been one of the six named as those to be considered for this election. He should be a positive asset to the Council. He will be going to the Florida Area, where Bishop Henderson had been serving until his death.

Let me urge you to check the web site for the United Methodist Reporter. You will find an excellent commentary article by Paul McKay about the Dan Sailer trial in Seattle. It is really well done. Also, check the letters section for a letter to the editor from Good News chairman Phil Granger and me in response to an interview done with Dr. Will Willimon, the Dean of the Chapel at Duke, about Duke's decision to allow same-sex covenants in the chapel. You will be interested in our letter, I think. Will is a friend and brother. We just think he made a mistake on this decision.

If you haven't done so lately, check out our Good News web site. Go to: www.goodnewsmag.org  You will find a lot of interesting and helpful material there.

While there you can read about our Alpha Conference that Good News is sponsoring, set for October 29 & 30, here at Asbury Theological Seminary. See also the ad about it in the current issue of Good News. Also, let me call your attention to the National Conference of the Confessing Movement, set for April 19-21, 2001, in Houston. This should be a powerful Conference. I would urge you to try to attend and bring your pastor or folks from your church.

Blessings on you. Thanks for praying for and with us. Let's be sure to be faithful in praying for our newest UM episcopal leader, Bishop Timothy Whitaker.

In Christ,

Jim Heidinger

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