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A.D. 30–Jerusalem Religious Leaders Fear Climate of Hate Will Follow Christ's Entry Into City (Parody)

From: "James Gibson" <>
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 1999 11:47:20 -0500
Subject: Letter to Chicago Tribune

Here is my letter submitted to the Chicago Tribune:

I have been following the story of the disupte between the Southern Baptist Convention and the Council of Religious Leaders of Metropolitan Chicago.  As a United Methodist minister, I am embarrassed by the comments of one C. Joseph Sprague, who currently occupies the office of Bishop of the Chicago area.

I can only imagine the reaction Jesus would have had were he to have received a letter like the following:


TO: Jesus of Nazareth (
FROM: Metropolitan Council of Religious Leaders, Jerusalem (
SUBJ: Your Planned Visit to Our City

Dear Mr. Christ:

We write out of a deep concern for the integrity of interreligious relations in our city and for the safety of the marginalized among our citizenry. We are concerned that your planned visit to our city during the Passover Festival will have a negative effect on both. While we are confident that you and your disciples will come with the most peaceful of intentions, we believe your efforts to teach in the Temple may contribute to a climate conducive to hate crimes.

The relationship between members of various religious groups within our city is peaceful but very tenuous. Your message that you are "the way, the truth and the life" may be misinterpreted by certain deranged individuals who will be led to believe that those who do not believe a certain way are second class citizens. You are undoubtedly aware of the recent outbreaks of religious-motivated violence in our city. We would call your particular attention to the case of one Barabbas, a member of a radical nationalist organization bent on the violent overthrow of Roman rule. This man recently was involved in an insurrection in which he committed numerous heinous acts of murderous violence. We do not want a repeat of such incidents accompanying your visit.

We will be happy to join with you in acts of justice and mercy. However, we respectfully request that, should you visit our city as planned, you refrain from making any claims to uniqueness.

Cordially yours,
The Council of Religious Leaders of Metropolitan Jerusalem
Caiaphas, General Secretary

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