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Souls Wounded At UMC's New Age "spiritual" Retreat

From: Richard Evans
Date: Tuesday, November 02, 1999 9:33 PM Subject: Pastor John

Hello Pastor,

I believe that Rodney Buchannon may have forwarded to you my attached letter regarding a singles conference I attended in Arkansas. But perchance not, I am including it here in addition to the bio and handouts.

I also tonite posted this letter on the unofficial UMC board you maintain. Thank you for that.

My intent on passing this about is simply to get the word out about what occurred at this 'training event' and to possibly prevent or forestall it occurring again. To myself and a couple of companions it was shocking and we almost left the same night we arrived. It was discussed. But I asked that we stay in order to now report the events.

For whatever purpose God has brought this to you is here.

As I have related to Rod and others, many were wounded on that weekend. Some probably spiritually murdered. Know those are strong words, but feel it to be true.

Anyway...I just hope to let others know what Keck is about. At least from my point of view and by his own words. In addition, I hope to inform regarding the position some pastors are now taking.

I thank you for giving the letter a read in your spare time...what little you obviously must have.

Thanks....and God bless.

Richard Evans <><

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