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The Battle For The Real Ministry In The UMC

March 2007

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

This edition of the "Monthly Update" continues with information on some of the past actions that a lack of space precluded our printing until now. We believe that you will find them informative and helpful in knowing the myriad of things happening in our United Methodist Church.

I frequently have to answer the questions from supporters and others with whom I speak, "Why donít more people see what is going on? Why do they keep putting money into the system when there is so much corruption?" I had often wondered about that myself. After I had thought through the problem, I arrived at the answer that I use to explain to them. I remind them of what Jesus said in the book of John about people being like sheep. He wasnít being denigrating toward the human race; He was just being realistic. Sheep are stubborn and often follow instincts to do things that are not good for them. But when they are conditioned in the right way, they obey their shepherd blindly with a seeming inability to think for themselves.

In our United Methodist Church we have all too many preachers posing as pastors who are in reality "company men" (in the interest of equality, this applies to female preachers as well). Their prime loyalty is to the institutional hierarchy. Their chief purposes in their local churches are to get the apportionment paid and to keep the people in the pews pacified. Unfortunately, early casualties of these priorities are "truth" and following the Lordís priorities. I have even heard one preacher tell some of his people, "Letís face it Ė the church is a business." That really is so sad.

What the church is Ė or should be Ė is an instrument to take the Good News of Jesus Christ to people everywhere. It should be a ministry of evangelism. If this were seen as our core purpose, our denomination would experience true revival and many of our problems would vanish.

I am reminded of another truth, that this is in reality a spiritual battle for the heart and soul of our United Methodist Church. A Presbyterian elder Susan Cyr stated a fundamental truth when she wrote, "This is not a battle which is distracting the church from its real ministry. The battle over truth and falsehood is the real ministry of the church." (The emphasis is hers) We are "contending for the faith" of Godís truth over and against Satanís lies couched in attractive terms.

I thank the Lord for the opportunities that He presents us! We also thank the Lord that the work that needs to be done is too great for the human effort alone; this forces us to our knees to seek His guidance as to His priorities.

We appreciate so much your support - both prayerfully and financially. Please continue to partner with us as we "contend for the faith" that the Lord has entrusted to our care.

In His service,


Allen O. Morris,

Executive Director
Concerned Methodists

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