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Theologians Gather At UM Seminary To Renew UMC Through Homosexuality (Queering The Church)

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Subject: [CALLED OUT] Event: Queering the Church: Changing Ecclesial Structures, April 18-19

Queering the Church: Changing Ecclesial Structures, April 18-19 at Boston University

>From 5:00pm on Wednesday, April 18th 2007 to 9:15pm Thursday, April 19th 2007, at Boston University School of Theology, 745 Commonwealth Avenue


The format of the conference is a conversation among pastoral leaders, practical theologians, systematic theologians, and critical theorists. Synopsis: Conference raises several important questions in its panels. What happens to the church when it is queered, where queering as a verb can denote a rethinking of sexual identities as well as a challenging of normative understandings of ecclesiology and liturgy? Can a queering of theology do more than critique and deconstruct traditional church structures, practices, performances, and self-understandings by pointing the way forward to the renewal of the church by suggesting new, more liberating and truthful structures, practices, performances, and self-understandings? Is ecclesiology a good meeting place for queer, practical, and classical theologies?


Mark D. Jordan, Emory University; Marcella Althaus-Reid, Professor of University of Edinburgh; Kelly Brown Douglas, Goucher University; Robert Goss, MCC Valley, North Hollywood; Carter Heyward, Episcopal Divinity School; Irene Monroe, Pine Manor College

Event Open To Public

Registration Information

Registration Fee: $60 Student Fee: $25 BU Student Fee: $15

Note: Scholarships available if attendance requires significant travel expenses

To register and RSVP visit us at http://www.bu.edu/ccrd/conference/  or email ahj@bu.edu.


Phone 617-358-3954

Contact Alex Hivoltze-Jimenez

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