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Evangelical Methodists Receive Prophetic Word

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The Lord Jesus Christ has given me a message to deliver to the "Evangelical" community in the United Methodist Church. I am not to fret over it but merely release it. It came after 48 hours of "prayer and discernment" with my friends, as we met before the Lord in the means of grace -- prayer and fasting; meditation on the Word of God; singing, worship & fellowship; and Christian conversation. The Spirit moved upon us, and though some are still agitated, others report and experience new callings, sensitivities and directions for their lives and ministries. Others feel confirmed in the way God has led them thus far. Some are comforted and blessed. I am not free to give any details of this meeting, so please, do not ask. I am a Pastor and will not expose my friends to question or harm in any shape, form or fashion. I hope they will do the same for me. I have told all that needs to be known about the circumstances surrounding this message.

Our prayers were joined with many more who were not able to meet together, and with those uttered by some who do not "have a dog in this fight," literally from Maine to California, Florida to the Pacific Northwest. This land and our Church has been covered with prayer. There are those who know how to pray. And there are those who know how to speak. In all things, the kingdom and the power and the glory belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ, who is praised forever, whom we also worship and adore.

Judgment begins with the house of the Lord. How shall I judge others if I speak not to my own children, says the Lord. For I chasten whom I love, says the Lord.

You are lukewarm in my mouth, says the Lord, and will be spewed out. Those who refuse to lead, who have been called to lead but refuse to do so, will be removed. Those who bargain or compromise with apostates will be judged themselves as apostate.

Those who do not confront evil will suffer evil. You must confront the enemies of Christ or I will confront you, says the Lord.

The love of money is the root of all evil. Do not purchase a place for yourself with my offerings that belong to me, says the Lord. You shall not use my offerings to advance yourself. You shall not abuse the generosity of those who give in my name. You shall not bargain for power with my offerings. My offerings are not for you. My offerings are for the poor and lost of my people and you shall not turn them aside to evil purposes, says the Lord. What the people give belongs to me, says the Lord. Do not pervert my offerings and do not allow them to be used for evil. I will charge your accounts with great sin if you pervert my offerings. What you have received through them I will take away, for I am able to accomplish my word.

You shall not listen to the rich. You shall not be indebted to them, for what "sounds good" to them is a curse in my ears. Do not be deceived by riches. Serve the poor of my people and I will bless you. The interests of the rich are not your interests. They did not call you but have turned you aside from the path I laid before you. The rich shall find their comfort in lowly places. They shall not exalt themselves above the poor of my people for whom I died. Do not despise the poor of my people. They make fragrant offerings to me with their prayers and praises all day long. The rich are not so but have all they need and do not trust in me. Do not heed their counsel or serve them, says the Lord.

Those who exalt themselves will be put down from their high places.

Whoever knows what to do and does not do it, it is a sin.

I have no secret plans, says the Lord. Such plans, and mention of them, will surely fail. Yours plans and strategies have come under my judgment, says the Lord. I will bring it to pass because it does not honor me or please me, says the Lord. This "strategy" is not mine, says the Lord. You have been deceived. You will be exposed. I will judge your plans. I will bring it to pass because it does not honor me, says the Lord. You will surely fail. The cause will fall to those too weak to execute secret strategies. "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the land," says the Lord. You trust in your own strength and will fail for you do not my will but your own, says the Lord.

Your power, prestige and money stink in my nostrils, says the Lord. You are sick with sin. You have betrayed my people into the hands of false prophets and false teachers and false shepherds. You have polluted my cause with your so-called "wisdom of serpents" and "strategies." Your politics and meetings and statements are a stench to me. I will cleanse my holy places. You will be swept from your offices. Your high places will be toppled, your "chairs" turned over because you do not hear the voice of my people, who cry to you day and night.

You tolerate that which is odious to me. It is in your hand to deliver my servants from those who oppress them, yet you refuse because your hearts are divided. You cannot serve God and mammon. Choose you this day whom you will serve. Serve my people and do not despoil them with your futile causes that accomplish nothing.

Who are these preachers with big voices? What are they to me? Their words are a noise in my ears. They are empty with their crafted Sermons. They are an excuse and byword among the enemies of my people. My Gospel shall not be "culturally defined." I am weary of their accents. I am burdened with their "Gospel" singing and their "Amens." These preachers embarrass me with their drawls and groans that say nothing, these pompous preachers who have become as figures, images and cultural icons to my people. But I will cleanse my Southern body that has grown complacent before me. I will reject those who talk and talk but never do my will. I will raise up for them true preachers who speak my word and do not shrink back or use flattering words.

Your big voices are a bore to me, says the Lord. Your beautiful words are all aglow with the light of yourself, which is darkness to my people. Do not hide my plain word behind your clever ones. I am tired of your analogies and illustrations, which tickle the ears of the people, says the Lord. There are those who speak loud and long but I with a whisper topple kings and bring nations to ruin. Who are you to me with your big voices? You would spoon-feed my people and would be a wet-nurse to them who should be strong before me. Yet, they are weak because you flatter them for money.

Who are you with your big voices? You are still slave-holders in your hearts. As "fathers" you oppress the poor of my people. I have long endured this sin. I will endure it no longer. You must embrace all your brothers and sisters in Christ. Embrace them all. You must sing and dance with the poor of my people for their joy delights me, says the Lord. Yet, you weary me with your empty rituals and traditions. Open up your hearts to me and join the congregation of my people who worships me with joy and pageantry, with beauty and holiness. You shall not segregate yourself any longer. Drive the bigots from among you. They shall no longer pollute the sanctuaries of my Southern body.

You shall not tolerate the bigots who despise my people who love me. Amend what is wrong or I shall bring another judgment upon you. You will perish, who oppress my people who love me. My anger is greatly kindled against the clan of those who oppress my people who love me. You shall not tolerate them. You shall speak against them and drive them from among you, for they are odious to me, says the Lord. There shall not be a bigot in the congregations of my people. They are not welcome, says the Lord. Not a single one shall remain, not one; they shall all leave; you shall drive them out; you shall not tolerate them, says the Lord. You know of whom I speak; you know and you shall act, says the Lord.

You shall care for the daughters of my people who have my Spirit, says the Lord. They are standing in the breach because my mighty men have given up their shields and spears and do not want to fight, says the Lord. They are overburdened, says the Lord, because of their many children. You shall care for them, says the Lord. Do not reject or despise them, but care for them, says the Lord.

How can you be calm? You are calm because you do not love me with your whole heart. You do not care for the humble and poor of my people but for your own place. Your brothers and sisters languish with groaning all day long yet you are deaf to their cries. You do not bind up their wounds; you do not come to their aid or defend them. You are not to partake of my Holy Communion until you share the blessings of the Temple with my people who are oppressed. You shall not defile my Table until you amend what is hurtful. You shall not eat the children's bread.

You are full of pride, envy and deceit, in service of your own place, neglecting the poor and lost of my people. You are derelict. Your comfort and riches have caused you to grow complacent and forget the Lord your God. You have not resisted evil. You have not given yourself in sacrifice. You have not heard my voice. You have not yielded to my Spirit. You have not done my will. You have not loved my people. You have not been just. You have not followed holiness. You have not heeded my commandments. Your righteousness is as filthy rags. With whom shall you compare yourselves when I execute judgement upon the false prophets in your midst? How do you compare, O great ones, with those who serve in lowly places, who preach and teach among my people with love and humility and grace? You are nothing in comparison to them, O great ones. You are like those who abused me, who delivered me up to evil men and impostors. But my lowly servants love me and serve me in humble places; yet you despise them. I shall stand for them, says the Lord. I shall stand for them against you, O rich, if you do not amend what is hurtful. I will oppose you and you will not stand, but I shall deliver the poor of my people, who cry to me day and night. I have heard their cries, who cry to me day and night.

You are not important, except in your own eyes, you mighty ones. You are deluded and full of selfish ambition. You are in charge of failures and weaknesses. Your knees are weak and your minds are confused because you cannot choose the right with conviction. Who are you to me? says the Lord. I will erase you as a line in the sand. When will it be enough? What must they do before you act? says the Lord. Do you not hate those who hate me? Can you forgive one who has not repented? How will they repent if not confronted with their sins? You tolerate and do not preach and are amiss.

You commit the sin of Jonah. I called you to prophesy to the great city of my people and you refused. Would you prefer they die in their sins? And you are a servant of God? You call yourself "those who convert others" but who has turned? Are you not merely serving yourself in your silence? Are you not choosing your own ease? Are you not preserving your own place? Are you not complicit in this evil in your midst?

Your heart is divided. Serve me in singleness of heart. Forsake the double purpose and I will bless you.

The line of division that is drawn has fallen across the bridge of my nose, says the Lord. I will brush it away with a wave of my hand. It is like a fly that has alighted upon my face, this evil plan. I will brush it away with a wave of my hand; I will brush away your secret plan as Lord among you. It will not succeed because it does not honor me.

You have closed the door on others to promote your secret plan among the rich and powerful. I will now close the door to you, for I am no respecter of persons, says the Lord. As many of my poor servants as you reject, so many I will reject of you, says the Lord. For I the Lord am a holy God, and just, I will not be mocked. You shall not despise my servants whom I call, upon whom I send my Spirit, who love me with their whole hearts.

The line of division that I ordain falls between the hearts of men, between those who love me and those who do not. I know who loves me and who does not. You shall not preserve your place at the expense of my people who love me. You shall repent of your own evil that you have committed before me, says the Lord.

You are wise in your own eyes and will fail, says the Lord.

You are proud to despise my servants who are poor and powerless. I will vindicate them, says the Lord. The high shall be brought low and the low shall be exalted, says the Lord. Those who have been abased shall learn to abound; those who have riches now shall learn to rejoice in little. I will accomplish this, for I, the Lord your God, am a just God.

Because you are the "friends" of liars, you will receive the liars reward.

You comfort and congratulate yourselves in your "victories." The walls are breached, the towers are brought down, the gates are off their hinges, the city is despoiled ... what victories? Your words are empty, self-serving delusions, fooling no one but yourselves. You have become a byword among the congregations of my people, who wonder at your failures, who question the name of my faithful servants, doubting the doctrine that I hold dear. You have become a topic and a scandal in the land. Your friends whisper behind your back and spit out your names with disdain because you are weak and powerless in spirit. You are powerless because you trust in men and not in me, says the Lord. "Not by might nor by power but by my Spirit," says the Lord. You assure no one but yourselves of your "victories."

You failed as watchmen on the walls of the city, now you fail as defenders of your own homes.

You must repair the walls, rebuild the towers, put the gates on hinges set firm and fill the city with good and not evil. And I will bless you. But if not, you will suffer the pains of those whom you tolerate in your midst. All liars and those who despise my Name shall be cast out of my holy temple, says the Lord. You shall be separate from them, says the Lord, for my Name is holy and I will no longer tolerate your lies and immorality, which you do in my Name, says the Lord. You are complicit with them and must forsake the evil of their ways.

You are guilty of what you approve, says the Lord. The evil you tolerate will come upon you. Be not foolish but wise before me, says the Lord.

The name of my Church is precious to me, says the Lord, but you have made it a scandal in the land. You have refused to cleanse the sanctuary and tolerate the unclean thing. You will be swept out with what you tolerate. Put your hand to the unclean thing and drag it from my precincts, says the Lord. Are your hands too tender? Are your fingers too soft? Are your arms too weak? Look upon the strong arm of the Lord, how he died on the crucifix. Did he not accomplish a great work? Look upon the nail-scarred hands. Are you more precious than my Son? Are you entitled to pleasures where he was stricken? Are you the friend to those who mock him? What fellowship does Christ have with Belial? You must repent, says the Lord, of this evil that is in your midst, or it shall be turned upon you. You shall not be complacent with evil in your midst. You shall not pollute my holy places with your idols, unholy rituals and false doctrines. You shall not tolerate evil in your midst. These unholy ceremonies are odious to me, says the Lord. You shall not posture, you shall not plan, you shall not utter empty words. Obey my commandments, says the Lord or you shall be cast out with the wicked ones.

That is the message that the Lord had for me to give. I do not care what anyone thinks about me, except the friends I already have. I mean that in a nice way, to relieve any others of the burden of worrying about me. The only task and concern, therefore, would be to weigh the truth of what has been said. The oldest trick in the book, of course, is to make the messenger the issue rather than the message. Feel free to inquire. You will find, I hope, that I have this treasure in an earthen vessel!

As many as feel led, send the message on to others in the "Evangelical" community in the United Methodist Church; but do not betray me for I am a Christian brother and a Pastor.

One more comment is that it's tempting to receive a word as applying to the immediate situation only. I have the sense that this word has implications beyond the immediate future and issues that we currently face in our Church.

Yours in Christ,

Michael D. Hinton, M.Div.
Pastor, Mayflower/Graham Chapel
United Methodist Church
2 Center Road
Mayflower, AR 72106
Ph. (501) 470-0539

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