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UM Bishop Jones Says UMC Upholds "in good conscience" Both God's Design for Marriage and Satan's Destruction of Marriage

Attendee calls political action an expression of faith

By Tim Carpenter
The Capital-Journal

Three Kansas leaders of the Presbyterian, Episcopal and United Methodist churches Tuesday denounced capital punishment and questioned the message sent by a proposed constitutional ban on same-gender unions. . . . [while] meeting in Topeka with 200 people at the Legislative Event for Advocacy in Faith.

Both topics have been hotly debated by the 2005 Legislature.

[An] issue raised during the forum at First United Methodist Church, S.W. 6th and Topeka Boulevard, was the decision by the Kansas House and Senate to place on April 5 ballots a constitutional amendment prohibiting gay marriages and civil unions. A simple majority will be required to amend the constitution.

[Scott Jones, the United Methodist Church's bishop for the Kansas area] said "deep divisions" existed among members of the United Methodist Church on the constitutional amendment.

"There are people of good conscience on both sides," he said.

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