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All Recently-elected Bishops in North Central Jurisdiction are Pro-homosexuality Advocates

The following are excerpts from the August 2004 Newsletter of the lead Wreckonciling (pro-homosexual) UM church in the heart of America.  Greg Dell is one of a long line of UM clergy convicted of disobedience to the Book of Discipline, yet he continues to "pastor" in the UMC.

The Pastor's Paragraphs [Rev. Greg Dell, Broadway UMC, Chicago, IL]

Any one of the three of them would be an excited and exciting pastoral match for Broadway Church.  At least that was my assessment of the three newly elected bishops in the North Central Jurisdiction [NCJ] of the United Methodist Church.  And the bishop assigned to our area -- one of those three -- certainly would not be "least among the matches"!

The three new bishops who will be serving Annual Conferences in the NCJ are: Sally Dyck, Hee-Soo Jung, and Deborah Lieder Kiesey.  Among the 15 declared and supported candidates they were the three who, from before the first ballot was cast, were endorsed and strongly supported by a coalition of progressive folks committed to a fully inclusive [Wreckonciling] church.  All three stated their disagreement with the UM position on sexual orientation. All three are committed to challenging racism and bigotry of every kind. They each have a deep and open faith that has led them to ministries of social justice.

On Saturday morning at the conclusion of the service consecrating the new bishops, the proposed assignments for all the bishops were announced and voted upon.  Our bishop for at least the next four years will be Hee-Soo Jung.  Beginning September 1 he will succeed our current bishop, C. Joseph Sprague, who will retire on that date.

Over the last several years I've had a number of opportunities to speak with Hee-Soo and his wife, Im.  They are great people.  Hee-Soo has been a strong supporter of the kind of ministry that we have come to find so life-giving here at Broadway.

For once the news from our denomination is not so dismal!  But we have "miles to go" and a lot to sort out.  By God's grace we'll get there together!

Grace and peace,



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