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Presbyterian General Assembly Says No To Same Sex Unions

GA says No to same-sex unions (From: Presbyweb.com (posted 9:39 p.m. Pacific)

Friday night the commissioners tackled the most controversial issue facing the 212th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA),  meeting in Long Beach, California.

The press had come out in force to witness GA make its decision on the issue of blessing same-sex unions.

In a tense and nervous atmosphere the commissioners debated whether to send a proposal to the 173 Presbyteries for their vote, which, if adopted, would amend the Book of Worship to say that

"Church property shall not be used for, and church officers shall not take part in conducting, any ceremony or event that pronounces blessing or gives approval of the church or invokes the blessing of God upon any relationship that is inconsistent with God's intention as expressed in the preceding sentence."

By a vote of 25-22 the Committee on Physical & Spiritual Well-being had recommended the adoption of the overture which was sent to GA by the Presbytery of San Joaquin. 

After a lengthy, passionate debate, prayer, silent prayer, followed by the  Moderator, Syngman Rhee,  leading the Commissioners in singing "Spirit of the living God, fall afresh on me," the Assembly adopted the overture by a vote of 268-251.

It was followed by Clifton Kirkpatrick and Syngman Rhee leading the deeply moved commissioners and observers in reciting the 23rd Psalm, followed by prayer.

Reports on the same-sex union vote

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