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Confessing Movement Meets With Western UM's To Confront Growing Schism Over Pro-homosexuality Disobedience


In spite of a winter storm watch, 40 PNWAC [Pacific North West Annual Conference] evangelical leaders met with national renewal representatives at Covington (WA) last weekend in emergency session. The mood was sober, prayerful, and quietly resolved. Confessing Movement leader, Ira Gallaway, said it was the greatest show of determination he had witnessed among them. The meeting was called to counteract the drift of the Conference into schism.

PNW evangelical leaders will seek a meeting with Bishop Galvan to put before him certain questions arising out of Judicial Council Decision #921. The bishop had promised evangelical leaders at a meeting with them on July 9th, that he would obey the Book of Discipline. The meeting now being sought would be to revisit that promise, and to ask how Bishop Galvan intends to implement the directives of Judicial Council Decision #921, and on what timetable. Evangelical leaders are hoping to reach understanding and clarity.

Coalition leaders will expand a growing network with ethnics and evangelical women in ministry, and among colleagues across the connection, with whom they share common concern.

Evangelicals will gather for a spring regional convocation at Richland, WA, around the theme of "The Bible and Homosexuality: Faithfulness and Transformation." Presbyterian New Testament scholar Robert Gagnon has been invited to address the gathering. He is author of "The Bible and Homosexual Practice: Texts and Hermeneutics" (Abingdon Press: 2001). Workshops on ministry with sexually broken persons are also planned. Registration information may be requested by email at cup@owt.com.

Evangelical leaders from the Pacific Northwest, Ore-Idaho, and Cal-Nevada Annual Conferences are expected to attend the event, scheduled for March 1-12, 2002.

Blessings...Gary Starkey PNW Evangelicals


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