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UM Pacific Northwest Evangelicals Head For "Show-down" With Pro-homosexuality Church Leaders

This came today from a friend in the Pacific Northwest Conference (PNW)



A delegation from UMC renewal organizations flies to Seattle next week to consult with evangelical leaders in the Pacific Northwest Annual Conference. The emergency meeting, requested by evangelicals, will take place December 1st at Covington, a suburb southeast of Seattle, where a flourishing evangelical UMC congregation is located.

PNW evangelicals have urged the delegation to "put on game faces" and come prepared for action. Leaders on both sides of the gay agenda believe the Pacific Northwest region is now fatefully destined for a showdown over the matter of homosexual practice and ordained ministry in The United Methodist Church.

National renewal organizations appear to underestimate the tide of calculated jurisdictional rebellion rising in the West. Gay advocates are resolved like never before; so are their fellow travelers among the episcopacy.

Will the Covington Consultation on December 1st open the eyes of national renewal leaders to the dangers of betrayal, complicity, and disorder soon to engulf the whole church?

Expected at the Covington Consultation are key evangelical pastors and lay leaders from around the PNWAC, and representatives from Ore-Idaho.

"Therefore, prepare your minds for action..." 1 Peter 1:13


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