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Pacific NW Evangelicals Protest UM Annual Conference Declaring Christ, Heretical

PNW Evangelical Community Mission Statement

[released October 18, 2001]
Gary Starkey gms2u@aol.com

The "PNW Evangelical Community" exists to promote a faithful witness to the unique Lordship of Jesus Christ, and to support those who believe that theological relativism has eroded the historic Wesleyan commitment to Scriptural authority and sound doctrine.


  • We can no longer sit idly by and watch the Gospel come under attack by those who have elevated personal experience to such a degree that it has become the de facto authority for PNW United Methodism. It appears we have lost connection to the apostolic witness of ecumenical church history that has consistently held Jesus Christ as the unique Savior of the world, and the Bible as the final authority for Christian faith and practice. It grieves us to see the atoning work of Christ treated as unnecessary, even heretical.
  • Under the guise of inclusiveness our conference has openly defied the General Conference voice that has consistently held "the practice of homosexuality" to be "incompatible with Christian teaching," and have aggressively supported the ordination of practicing gay and lesbian persons. As a result, we have left thousands of lay and clergy persons across our Conference confused and frustrated with what is perceived as a lack of episcopal leadership and an abandonment of our Christian heritage.
  • Therefore, we believe the time has come to stand firm as a covenant community committed to recovering the historic witness of our faith ancestors. We are not looking to begin something new in our Conference, but rather to reclaim that which has been lost. We are proud to call ourselves United Methodists because we believe our Wesleyan heritage offers the perfect combination of Biblical faith and holy living. We invite all those who share our perspective to join in this important cause. "For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes" Romans 1:16

For more information contact: Gary Starkey gms2u@aol.com

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