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Billy Graham Censored By PBS (Chicago)

From: Michael L. Gonzalez GonzoML@ameritech.net
Sent: Saturday, September 15, 2001 1:30 AM
To: ucmpage@ucmpage.org
Subject: Billy Graham Censored by PBS (Chicago)

Friday, September 14, 2001

Even as the President proclaimed the National Day of Prayer and Remembrance, some individual(s) of the public media chose to censor the heart of Billy Graham's message given today at the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. Apparently, somebody employed by PBS (Chicago) decided that Rev. Graham's Christian message was politically incorrect, and so it was cut in the taped rebroadcast.

Today, I watched the memorial service at our nation's capital on live television, in its full and uncut completeness. However, as I watched a rebroadcast of that service later in the day on WTTW 11 (PBS Chicago) I was shocked to witness an obvious edit of Rev. Graham's message, in an otherwise uncut, full-length showing of the service.

What did Billy Graham say that caused this self-appointed public censor to decide to remove it from public view? It was Rev. Graham's call for revival in the United States and the saving message of Jesus Christ. This edit amounted to removing only a few minutes from the broadcast, but cut his message duration in half. And, there can be no claim of editing in order to reduce the entire rebroadcast duration, as there were no other cuts--not even during the extended offering collection which included only organ background.

I do not know who was responsible for this blatant example of Christian censorship, but it was either someone local in Chicago or at PBS, and both PBS and WTTW Channel 11 Chicago receive public tax dollars.

In response to this effort to restrict the religious freedom of our nation, especially during this time of disaster, I'm sure I speak for Christians throughout our nation when I call for media services to firmly stand on our Constitution and publicize video tape archives and transcripts of Billy Graham's complete message as soon as possible via Internet and print publications.


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