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"Evangelicals push to meet with bishop about gay clergy"–The Evangelical/Homosexual Template

[Insert date here]

From Staff Reports

[INSERT DATELINE HERE]| [Insert annual conference name here] evangelicals will push to meet with [Insert episcopal area here] Bishop [Insert bishop's name here] to ensure that [he/she] carries out what they say is [his/her] promise to follow The Book of Discipline regarding the disciplining of openly gay clergy.

About 40 leaders of the [Insert annual conference here] Evangelical group attending a special meeting recently in [Insert city here], said they want to also meet with Bishop [Inser bishop's name here] to question how [he/she] is going to follow a Judicial Council ruling that guarantees due process for admitted homosexual clergy, sets out a step-by-step disciplinary process and reaffirms the denomination's prohibition against gay clergy.

The case involves [Insert number of disobedient gay clergy here] United Methodist ministers in [Insert city here] who publicly acknowledged earlier this year that they are homosexual. After the Judicial Council ruling in [Insert month here], both evangelicals and denomination members who support the three people remaining ministers are waiting for further action from Bishop [Insert bishop's name here], who could not be reached for comment.

The evangelical group will hold a convocation [Insert dates here] in [Insert city and state here], around the theme of "The Bible and Homosexuality: Faithfulness and Transformation." [Insert name of non-Methodist evangelical Bible scholar here], author of [Insert title of book no one has ever heard of here], has been invited to speak at the conference, which will feature workshops on ministry to "sexually broken" persons, evangelical leaders said in a news release. The meeting is expected to draw pastors and lay leaders from the [Insert three annual conferences here] annual conferences.

Meanwhile, the [Insert jurisdiction here] Leadership Team is expected to hold its annual meeting [Insert date here] in [Insert city and state here], to consider various aspects of the gay clergy controversy, including the [Insert title of latest pathetic pro-homosexual "declaration" here] statement the team issued last year. The statement called for "full participation at all levels in the life of the church and society" of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people.

There is truly nothing new under the sun.


James Gibson

Marshallville United Methodist Church



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