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Homosexual Episcopalians Celebrate Their New Pagan Arch Bishop

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July 23, 2002
Integrity USA Welcomes Archbishop Williams' Appointment

Integrity welcomes the appointment of the Archbishop of Wales, the Most Rev. Rowan Williams, as Archbishop of Canterbury. The announcement was made this morning that he will succeed Archbishop George Carey on October 1.

Archbishop Williams not only has written extensively on human sexuality and the full inclusion of homosexual persons in the life of the Church, he has relationships with many people in the leadership of the various groups that make up the Alliance of Gay and Lesbian Anglicans.

"Having been closed out of relationship with the Archbishop of Canterbury during the tenure of the current Archbishop, we look forward to someone who knows us, our faith in God, and our commitment to the Church," said the Rev. Michael Hopkins, President of Integrity. "I truly cannot imagine a better choice for this job from our point of view. I hope that the fact that he also has extensive relationships throughout the Anglican Communion also means that he can help hold the Communion together during this time of great tension between member Provinces."

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