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Pro-homosexuality Pagan Becomes Arch Bishop of Canterbury!

Why The Archbishop Is Embracing Pagan Roots

By Ruth Gledhill / The London Times

The man expected to be the new Archbishop of Canterbury will be inducted as a druid in a 200-year-old ceremony with pagan roots in Wales next month. As the sun rises over a circle of Pembrokeshire bluestones, the Archbishop of Wales, the Most Rev Dr Rowan Williams, will don a long white cloak while druids chant a prayer to the ancient god and goddess of the land. That will be the moment that Dr Williams, who will adopt a new, bardic name, is accepted into the white druidic order, the highest of three orders of the Gorsedd of Bards, the Welsh body of poets, musicians, writers and artists. The Mistress of the Robes, Sian Aman, will then clothe him in a druidic white headdress, and a steward will lead him to join the other assembled druids inside a sacred circle. Although organisers insist the Gorsedd’s pagan roots are long behind it, contributors to discussion forums on the Church in Wales website have already suggested it is “nearer to Shintoism than Christianity”. Evangelical leaders in the Church of England described it as “unbelievable”.


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