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UM Renewal Leaders To Help Unify Evangelical Voice In Pacific Northwest

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Two "star witnesses" to the recent "uprising" of evangelicals in United Methodism will make their appearance at a meeting by invitation of their counterparts in the Pacific Northwest, February 22nd, at Cornerstone UMC, Covington, Washington.

James Heidinger, editor of Good News Magazine, and Ira Gallaway, spokesperson for The Confessing Movement, will encourage the gathering of pastors and lay persons with reports of evangelicals organizing across the national church and prospects for reform legislation at General Conference 2000.

The Heidinger/Gallaway Consultation is timely and auspicious because:

1. It precedes and anticipates discussion of issues at General Conference.

2. It "converges" national efforts at evangelical reform with regional activities in the liberal-dominated Pacific Northwest AC.

Meeting time with Jim & Ira has been scheduled from 10:00 am until about 4:00 pm and lunch is part of the deal, for $3.00 per person. There may also be opportunity for private counsel.

Whenever a propitious meeting like this one gets scheduled, there are many "risks"...volatile weather, accident, illness, family concerns, unforeseen calamities...and ordinary conflicts of schedule, fatigue, and spiritual opposition.

Let us pray for one another...our guests...our courage in faithfulness to Christ.

Gary Starkey


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