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UM Pastor, Lesbian Activist Receives Appointment Because Self Avowal Isn't In Writing

From: Michael E. Eld eld@srv.net
Sent: Monday, July 02, 2001 6:58 PM
To: Rev. John Warrener
Subject: Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference


Dear Rev. Warrener...

More sad news from the Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference (held June 12-16, 2001) ---

Just thought you might like to know that Bishop Edward Paup of the Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference recently appointed Rev. Jeanne Knepper to serve as pastor of University Park U.M.C.in the Portland metro area.  This is my understanding of how and why... As she has not 'formally' submitted a written statement concerning her homosexuality, Jeanne is not 'officially' self-avowed.  Never mind the fact that she has published a pro gay / lesbian newsletter for the last half decade, and has actively spoken out about her 'lifestyle' on national, regional and local levels (even referring to it at this same annual conference)!?!

Also, the Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference officially endorsed the 'We Will Not Be Silent' document.  

I cannot say that I am a proud member of this annual conference...

Sincerely, Pastor Michael Eld

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