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Ed Robb Speaks at Easter Rally of Omaha 300

Member Explains: Why We Stand Firm?

Many of us have been asked why we continue to stand firm as members of FUMC in Omaha and as United Methodists in general. I thought I would share some of my reasons with you.

I suppose my main reason is because it is increasingly apparent how far the UMC has gotten away from God's Word, and someone needs to stop it and reverse the tide. I believe that our group feels compelled to do just that. Society as a whole seems to be going in the wrong direction. The church shouldn't be leading the way. The church belongs to Jesus. He would not be very proud of its current state. Therefore, many of us feel that we are not free to simply turn the other cheek and let this continue. It's really not an option.

I don't know exactly how the UMC will come out of its current problems. I don't know where we will all be when these struggles are over. All I do know, is that we have to stand firm until these questions are answered for us. An answer will come when the time is right. The process has not come to its completion yet. I think what is really important is what we do while the process runs its course. A lot of great things have happened already.

Today, Dr. Edmund Robb celebrated Easter with us at our Laity Rally. He was wonderful. He held up the Bible and said, "This is the Word of God." He spoke clearly about Jesus and told us in no uncertain terms that He is truly the Lord. If we had not been standing firm up to this point, he would never have come to Omaha to speak to us. All 350 people who attended would not have heard his words. Where would they have been? I don't know. Some of them would have just given up on church by now because they would feel that no one cares. After all, the things that have been going on at our church do tend to leave a sour taste in your mouth about organized religion. However, you have to focus on what you can change instead.

Within the last couple of weeks, we have had four people die and several others become seriously ill. We can't have funerals at our church without a member of FUMC's pastoral staff being involved. As this is unacceptable to the families involved, they have had to make other arrangements for a funeral location and a pastor. It is also unacceptable to most of our group to be visited in the hospital by our current pastors. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean that people stop being sick. We are ministering to each other in our time of need.

There is a lot more to this story than I could ever tell you over the fact, there are so many things that it isn't easy to not just leave and go somewhere else. Many good things continue to happen to sustain us in our struggle. It has definitely been worthwhile. When you think about how Jesus died for us on the cross, it really doesn't seem like a lot to ask us to do our part in furthering God's kingdom here on earth.

Diane West, FUMC member

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