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Bishop, Actions Speak Louder Than Words – Pro-homosexuality Pastors Honored And Promoted In Oklahoma

Oklahoma Bishop Blake joins pro-sodomy movement. "Wreckonciller" clergyman is appointed to Oklahoma City South District as DS and pro-sodomy "holy union" participant is given Annual Conference opening worship pulpit.

May 19, 2000

Bishop Bruce P. Blake
Oklahoma Annual Conference

Dear Bishop Blake,

Several weeks ago we had an exchange of letters concerning just where you stood on the issue of same sex unions. Your response to my questioning of your stand on this subject was, and I paraphrase, "that you support the BOD stand and argued that stand before the Judicial Council". Bishop, you argued that the placement of the ban on same sex unions in the Social Principles was the same as law. You did NOT and I emphasize the "not", argue or say that you supported the ban on same sex unions. You did NOT and again I emphasize the "not" argue this point based on Scripture. Bishop, your answer was at the best evasive and at the worst deceptive.

Now it is post General Conference time, the plenary sessions and voting supported the BOD language banning same sex unions. GC even went so far as to move the ban language from the SP's, so as to make it more fully understood as law.

So Bishop, just what do you go and do now? In the program for the Oklahoma Conference's Annual Conference we see that two, not just a bone thrown to one but to two "wreckoncillers" (misspelled on purpose). We find that the opening sermon to be preached by none other than the infamous Susan Ross whom I filed a complaint against last year for participating in the even more infamous "Fado Follies". If that weren't sickening enough we find that a report will be given by Jim Gragg. Bishop, we all know, that the particular report in question is generally given by a DS, yes bishop a DISTRICT SUPERINTENDANT. Rumor has it from your office that Jim Gragg is being appointed a DS. And him, a self avowed supporter of sodomite unions, just as is Susan Ross.

Well Bishop, your actions speak much louder than your words. We now know just where you stand on the sodomite issue. Shame on you!!! Promoting the sodomite agenda by the promotion of Jim Gragg and allowing Susan Ross to give the opening sermon. Can we safely presume that you will soon be following in the footsteps of Talbert, Morrison, Sprague etal?

Jake Barker
Rt 4 Bx 951A
Eufaula, OK 74432

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