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Oklahoma Church Calls for Doctrinal Fidelity


The congregation of St. Andrew's United Methodist Church, Oklahoma Conference, Claremore, Oklahoma, calls all other United Methodist churches, clergy and bishops to remain steadfastly faithful to the Holy Scriptures, the Book of Discipline's Articles of Religion and The Confession of Faith and Wesley's Sermons and Explanatory Notes on the New Testament. This call to fidelity includes:

  1. The proscription against same sex unions and covenanting ceremonies between persons of the same sex.

  2. The denouncement by and refusal of the United Methodist Church and its affiliates to support or participate in all theological conferences and conventions which attempt to restructure or reimagine the Holy Trinity to forms or gods other than what has been revealed to humanity in the Holy Scriptures.

  3. The scriptural accountability of all denominational funds.

St. Andrew's United Methodist Church will remain vigilant and vocal, demanding the respect and adherence by all persons who call themselves United Methodists to the traditional Wesleyan theology. St. Andrew's will continue to support all denomination movements that call the United Methodist Church to Scriptural fidelity, such as the Confessing Movement. We call upon the Bishop of the Oklahoma Conference to enforce the Book of Discipline at all times as needed to maintain the doctrinal integrity of the United Methodist Church. Such enforcement actions should include filing charges against and expulsion of those clergy and congregations that do not remain faithful to the Book of Discipline.

The congregation of St. Andrew's recognizes that we are all sinners who can be saved by the grace of Almighty God through the atoning act of His Son, Jesus Christ, if we confess our sins to Him and accept His lordship over our lives. Therefore, we pray that all who are in error come into a saving relationship with God, through Jesus Christ, and Christ alone, which includes repentance and a desire to venerate God as revealed to humanity in the Holy Scriptures.

We, the congregation of St. Andrew's United Methodist Church, endorse in its entirety the Tulsa Resolution of the 1998 Confessing Movement Conference as attached.

Voted upon and approved this 21st day of May, 1998 by the Administrative Council of St. Andrew's United Methodist Church.

John Ross Maloy, Chairman
Edward G. Bickford, Lay Leader

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