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Oklahoma Bishop Uses Stealth Language To Declare Himself A Pro-homosexuality Reconciler

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Subject: OK bishop uses stealth language to declare himself a reconciler

Formerly described as evangelical, Bishop Blake of the Oklahoma Annual conference today, using stealth language, formally declared himself a "reconciler". Starting before Annual Conference 2000, Blake appeared to be leaning toward the "reconciler" position. He promoted a leading sodomite pastor to the position of Oklahoma City South district superintendent. Then he allowed the opening sermon of AC 2000 to be preached by one of the UM clergy that participated in the Sacramento Sacrilege [mass lesbian wedding in CA] also know as the Fado Follies.

From the desk of our bishop...

By Bruce P. Blake,
Bishop of the Oklahoma Area

I am committed to reconciliation

Crossfire is a popular strategy for conversation and debate in our society. There is a television show by this name. Talk radio uses the strategy of crossfire on every issue. The strategy of crossfire is to have polar positions, opposites debate and attempt to converse with each other.

As I see this strategy used in politics, the church, in education and other contexts, I have discovered why I am so opposed to it. I do not agree with the assumption underlying this strategy. Crossfire assumes there are only two positions on a given issue. There is no middle ground. There is no attempt to discover new positions, answers or possibilities.

As I watch how crossfire experiences have affected my life, I yearn for the middle, I yearn for understanding and I yearn for new possibilities and higher ground. This yearning is based in my faith experience.

As one who seeks to follow Jesus Christ, I am committed to the ministry of reconciliation.

  • Reconciliation is the experience of serving, living and working with those with whom one disagrees.
  • Reconciliation has to do with loving one's enemies.
  • Reconciliation has to do with the new creation in Christ.
  • Reconciliation involves respect and willingness to stand under (understand) one another even when we disagree.

Crossfire is not only a "media phenomenon," it is part of every day life. I have decided I am not going to play life this way, not only because I don't like it, but also because I am trying to follow Christ

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