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North Georgia Bishop Personally Intervenes To Defeat Apportionment Vote - Evangelicals Dominate GC2000 Delegates

From: Faye Short
Date: Friday, June 18, 1999 10:28 AM
Subject: N. Ga. Annual Conf.

I'm sure the list of delegates will be posted today. I don't have that list before me. However, 10 of the 13 lay delegates elected were strong evangelicals. The additional three were men who exercise leadership in the conference. Not a single UMW officer was elected as a delegate to General Conference! They were not happy!!

When I left yesterday the elections for Jurisdictional were still going on. The lay evangelicals had gotten three of their persons elected and were very hopeful for three more. Some of the UMW folks were elected to Juris.

The clergy were having a hard time with their elections. They were still working on General Conf. delegates. I know several evangelicals had been elected, but don't have the full picture on this. It will be out today.

I particularly wanted to tell you about the resolution on apportionments which was submitted by Gateway UMC (Jerry Varnado's church). The resolution came to the floor shortly before lunch yesterday. The chariman of the board for Gateway gave a good presentation in support of the resolution. Then Hershel Sheets (the company man) made an appeal against it. Jerry was already standing to move to the microphone to speak for the resolution when Bishop Davis said, "I think we are about ready to vote on this." He then called for the question with no further discussion. The vote looked close, but he called the resolution defeated and did not call for a dividing of the house. He mentioned that they were getting close to lunchtime. Then, another matter came to the floor and he allowed several people to speak to it--had a vote which was also close--and called for a dividing of the house to determine the count!!

Jerry was very upset, as you can imagine. Others shared their concern about how this was handled. Jerry plans to write to the bishop--but that doesn't change the outcome. It is very difficult to understand what Bishop Davis is doing.

Dennis and I went on Wednesday night to hear Bishop Paup. I was very concerned that he had been invited to speak to the conference. My concern was fully substantiated with his presentation. I put together a personal analysis and took it back with me on Thursday and handed it out to the evangelical folks I could locate--asking them to attend and listen to Paup's presentation on Thursday (I couldn't be there) with a discerning ear. I hope someone will let me know what he said. I am attaching a copy of my analysis f.y.i.

Thanks for all of the updates. The one from Florida was especially exciting. I took copies of that with me yesterday and shared in with many black delegates who know Cornelius Henderson. They were very pleased to receive the Ledger articles.

Today's report from the Holston Conference was very exciting also. This has been a very liberal conference and seems now to be experiencing revival. Praise God!


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