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Originally from: Originally dated: Mon, 27 Oct 1997 11:38:26 -0500 (EST)

First Meeting of Confessing Congregations

for the Oregon-Idaho Conference


Pastor Cindi hosted the first official meeting of Confessing Congregations for the Oregon-Idaho Conference. More than 40 attended, in spite of conference resistance to publish the event. Keynote speaker was Les Longden, of the Confessing Movement Board. I shared in the afternoon session. The group elected officers and set short and long term goals. We had a table for Transforming Cong litrature, quite a bit was taken for sharing with others who weren't able to attend. After the meeting, a Pastor shared with me he was going to 'go public" about his struggles and victory over homosexual temptations.


I went to Salem and shared with an Sunday School group at a UMC there. They were open and receptive to our message.


God made the way for Pastor Cindi and I to spend more than an hour with Dist Supt Steven Sprecher, openly pro reconciling but willing to listen. We both sensed he heard a different view than he actually expected, realizing we were loving and compassionate, and not the "Jerry Falwell" stereotype he expected. Time will tell. Keep him in your prayers, as well as Cindi, who has had Holy Spirit boldness to stand and speak out on the issue. Thanks Cindi. Thanks for your prayers throught this time. Three exciting days, praise the Lord.

Ron Dennis <><

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