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Subject: Suspension of Jimmy Creech

To: <>
Date: Thursday, November 06, 1997 12:11 PM

[A member of First United Methodist Reports on the Confessing Movement Mail and News List:]

I can confirm that Jimmy Creech will be starting a 60-day suspension on Nov. 10th. I am a member of First United Methodist Church in Omaha and have been very active in this struggle. We know that his suspension will not solve our problems, but it is a small step in the right direction. This information has already been on the radio today and was in the morning newspaper.

During his suspension, Jimmy will receive his salary, housing, and benefits. One of the associate pastors, Rev. Don Bredthauer, will be assuming the role of senior pastor in his absence. This will not appease any of us, because all three of our pastors are together on this issue.

In Jimmy's letter from the Bishop, the Bishop sites "continuing divisiveness" in the congregation and "widening controversy" throughout the Nebraska Annual Conference as his reason for this suspension. The Bishop hopes for a time of prayer, dialogue, and reflection for the congregation. Jimmy says that "It's intended to be a way of facilitating resolution." We have already had two all-church meetings on this issue. We were funnel-fed and not allowed to accomplish anything. They appeared to have used a method called the Delphi Technique, which is supposed to divide and conquer the opposition. They chose a facilitator for the meeting, which the Bishop also attended.

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