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Methodist United in Prayer

September 18, 1997

Dear Friend in Christ:

September 18, 1997, concluded five months since the Call To Prayer for revival in the United Methodist Church by the year 2000" was initiated. We had set a goal for 10,000 Methodists United in prayer by the year 2000. From our estimates of those who have responded, we have already reached this initial goal of 10,000. We have received responses from across the USA, New Zealand, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Costa Rica and United Kingdom. Methodists in the United Kingdom are believing God for 10,000 British Methodists to join us in prayer. Four British pastors were here for our 1997 Pastors' Conference, truly blessing us by their presence. Our new goal is 1,000,000 Methodist united in prayer.

I pray that The Call to Prayer will be perceived as and will truly become a "safe place" where our diversity can be met with unity for a God solution to our need for new direction and renewal. Our human solutions are diverse beyond our ability to focus. God's purpose is singular and achievable with His help.

Isn't it exciting to see how God is uniting Methodists in prayer for revival? What a thrill to anticipate together what God will do when His people called "Methodists" humble themselves and seek His will. I never dreamed that the response would be so great. The Call To Prayer letter is the second portion of this document. Please copy and mail the letter to the Methodists on your mailing lists. Write a little note encouraging other pastors and laity to commit themselves and their churches to pray. Many responses are now in the third and fourth generation, indicating that many persons have followed through by mailing and re-mailing the letters to other Methodist. Our only interest is to get our denomination united in prayer for revival. We would like to know the total number praying. This will help encourage others to unite with us in a focused prayer effort.

I hope you will be able to attend our second Pastors' Conference, "Light the Fire Again." It will be May 5, 6 & 7, 1998 at Pine Forest UMC, Pensacola, Florida. Brochures will be available by January 15, 1998.

Methodists United in Prayer For Revival

Perry M. Dalton, Minister

  • Dr. Terry Teykl's new book, Pray the Price, is a wonderful guide for developing a prayer ministry.

  • Dr. Ed Robb's new book, The Spirit who would not be Tamed, will provide valuable insights into renewal.

  • I believe Dr. Robb's book is already available through Cokesbury and Dr. Teykl's will soon be available through Cokesbury.

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