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Conservative UM Political Action Org Says, "Go in peace" To Unfaithful Liberals UMs

Who Should Leave? UMAction Recommends:

Highlights from "Move Forward in Mission!" Statement

"We rejoice in what God is doing with His United Methodist Church! The church we love is returning to Scriptural faithfulness. …

"Much more must be done: hold accountable the bishops, Annual Conferences, UMC agencies, and Women’s Division; protect oppressed pastors and congregations in rebellious Annual Conferences; reform the seminaries; cease allowing any faction to use the church as its political party; and rebuild a responsible, Scriptural social witness. …

"UMAction asks all faithful United Methodists to stay in the UMC and work with us for continuing renewal and reform. Do not leave this church—especially now when the great UMC turn-around to Scriptural faithfulness is moving faster and we all can help it continue.

"Christ calls us to unity in Him and His Father and in the truth of God’s word "so that the world may believe" (John 17:11-23). But genuine unity is impossible with those who reject the Church Universal’s historic understanding of God’s word or do not believe in Jesus as the resurrected and only Savior. They have broken the covenant. …

"Irreconcilable differences on essentials are dividing the culture-conforming liberals—who want to rewrite the Bible, the traditional Christian faith, and God’s plan for man, woman, and sex—from the faithful United Methodists who affirm the authority of Scripture and the essential Christian doctrines handed down to us from Jesus and the apostles. …

"Some have already separated themselves by refusing to live within our Discipline.

"We recommend allowing a gracious exit for those who cannot or will not accept the essential beliefs on which the UMC is founded. The UMC should adopt a fair plan to permit their voluntary, peaceful departure, taking with them their local church property (if the congregation votes to leave) and pension rights. Their beliefs are strong and sincere. They may believe and worship as they choose, but they do not have the right to divide a Christian church by undermining its basic beliefs. Some of the unfaithful are now talking about leaving; the UMC should aid their departure."

Source: Action Briefing - UMAction Briefing - Summer 2006

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